Madalena Salazar, Principal of 3rd Space Visión, is an independent consultant, educator, and cultural producer focused on building justice, equity and inclusion in arts and culture.

About Madalena

Madalena is the founder and Principal of 3rd Space Vision, established 2015. Since 2017 she has also served as Program Manager for the IMTour and TourWest Programs at WESTAF. As a consultant, she continues her work with WESTAF to build their Social Responsibility and Inclusion programs, including supporting the growth of the Emerging Leaders of Color Network, of which she is an active alumnus. She joined the Denver Art Museum in 2011 to become the first Latino Cultural Programs Coordinator where she developed and launched CelebrARTE, the institution’s first monthly, bilingual intergenerational family program. She also worked cross-departmentally to create initiatives that could offer more inclusive and relevant museum experiences for the needs of diverse Latinx audiences. This built upon her experience as a museum educator at the Brooklyn Museum, which allowed her to combine her knowledge of Latin American art history and with her education, community engagement, and advocacy experience. Through all her efforts, she works to center the assets of marginalized cultural experiences in non-profits, civic and educational institutions, and cultural organizations and museum settings. In addition to those mentioned above, Madalena has had the opportunity to work on behalf of the University of New Mexico, The Denver Botanic Gardens, The Mexican Cultural Center of Denver, Museo de las Américas, Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts Center, the Smithsonian’s Latino Museum Studies Program, and the Americas Latino Eco Festival. She is also a published author, public speaker, workshop facilitator and has served as a grant panelist for the NEA. Madalena is a founding member of Denver’s LatinasGive! philanthropic circle, a former Commissioner for Cultural Affairs (Denver), and an alumnus of WESTAF’s Emerging Leaders of Color program and the Circle of Latina Leadership. Madalena has deep roots in New Mexico, where her family instilled pride in and knowledge of their rich, bicultural Mexican-American heritage. She pursued a holistic education that included creative endeavors, and was always encouraged to serve the community to whom she is accountable. Madalena's earned a B.A. in Anthropology (Archaeology), Magna cum Laude, and an M.A. in Art History (Arts of the Americas concentration) both from the University of New Mexico and is a Reiki and tarot practitioner. Madalena is most proud of being a mother of two young children, and spends her remaining time with them, her husband and her extended and chosen family. Her life, however, would not be complete without her garden, delicious food, sunshine and mountains, traveling (when possible) and geeking out over music, politics, pop culture, holistic healing, art, and world history.

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