Madalena Salazar, Principal of 3rd Space Visión, is an independent consultant, educator, and activist focused on building justice, equity and inclusion in arts and culture.

About Madalena

Madalena is the Program Manager for the IMTour and TourWest Programs at WESTAF in addition to leading 3rd Space Vision.  She was the first Latino Cultural Programs Coordinator for the Denver Art Museum where she helped to build initiatives that create more relevant museum experiences for the needs of diverse Latino audiences. This built upon a career experience serving the needs of non-traditional and under-resourced populations through education, outreach, and advocacy programs in the non-profit, university, and museum settings, most notably the University of New Mexico and the Brooklyn Museum. Madalena was born and raised in New Mexico to a family that instilled pride in their rich, bicultural Mexican-American heritage, pushed an education that included creative endeavors, and encouraged her to serve her community.  Madalena's experiences prompted her to pursue her B.A. in Anthropology (Archaeology) and an M.A. in Art History (Arts of the Americas concentration) both from the University of New Mexico. Madalena is most proud of being a mother of two small boys, and spends her remaining time with them and her husband. Her life, however, would not be complete without her garden, delicious food, sunshine and mountains, traveling (when possible) and geeking out over music, politics, comics, Latino/Latin American arts, and world history.

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